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Narro... cur?

I stand upon the edge of time...

19 April
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Non fui. Fui. Sum.

Wow. I just read my bio for the first time in months. It was horrible. It made me gouge out my eyes.

Ok, not really. But it was bad. So now I feel obliged to write a new one. Only problem is, I still haven't solved the whole "Who am I?" thing yet. So all you get is a random bit of poetry that I wrote a while ago. Past that, you'll just have to read my journal. *evil laugh* If you dare.

My name is Joan of Arc
I think we've met before
When you were trying to sleep
and I knocked on your door.
You see I get these dreams,
Angels inside my head.
They tell me what to say,
and I must do the rest.
My name is Joan of Arc,
or maybe someone else.
Won't let it bother me,
until I find myself.